The Seekers is a series of action-adventure mystery novels that seeks to uncover hidden messages left us by our ancestors in ancient archeological sites worldwide that are critical to the future of the human race - while battling the forces that are committed to keeping them secret. The truth is here… waiting to be discovered!


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10987 B.C.
Our ancestors made a frightening discovery; a worldwide catastrophic event would soon occur which could potentially destroy all life on Earth.

Desperate to preserve the fruits of their civilization’s vast accomplishments, they constructed huge monuments and secret chambers throughout the world… high atop inaccessible mountains, deep within oceans, deserts and various other locations where they would lie, hidden and undisturbed, for millennia.
Within these structures our ancestors encased records of knowledge, history and technological achievements, cleverly encrypted against accidental discovery and misuse by a less advanced society...

…hoping against hope that some of these sites would miraculously survive the global devastation and that some future generation, ready to understand its importance, would unearth them and decipher the knowledge and instructions left therein.

But knowledge and instructions about what?


1108 A.D.
Byzantium. Eleven thousand years later…

A shadowy group of twelve cowled and bearded men meet by flickering torchlight deep within a grim citadel to examine texts and various artifacts.

It is an historical fact that during the Crusades the Knights Templar plundered the Holy Land in their quest to vanquish the heathens.

Most of the ‘spoils’ of this pillaging found their way back to Rome. Some of these religious writings and artifacts so terrified certain religious scholars within the church who deciphered and translated them -- texts that pointed to a history and knowledge too shocking for most men to comprehend -- that they were locked away in catacombs hidden deep beneath the Vatican and other monasteries throughout the region.

Thus these twelve men instigated one of the most secret and deadly societies in history – an order rivaling the Knights Templar in scope and purpose and known as the Ordre De Custos: The Order of the Guardians…

…each one taking a solemn vow to become the custodians of these artifacts and the knowledge they contained, protecting them at all costs!

By design, the existence of these ‘Guardians’ over the ensuing centuries was relegated to rumor and myth.


A fragment of a stone tablet taken from Persia during the first Crusade in 1097 A.D. mysteriously surfaces and falls into the hands of Diandra Weiss, an archeologist working for the New York Museum of Natural History.

Sensing the astonishing implications of this fragment’s translation, Diandra, together with a diverse team of adventurers, set out to discover the truth… only to stumble upon an even more ancient mystery concerning the true history of the human race, its astonishing possibilities and a dark and potentially dangerous future…

Thus is born a group foretold by ancient Prophecies: The ones who seek the truth…

But they are not alone. 

The Guardians, still flourishing centuries later, unchecked even within the Vatican, have constructed a vast covert global network to support their sworn duty and keep the knowledge secret at all costs!

Now the Guardians face their toughest adversaries, four intrepid explorers thrown together by chance and circumstance. Funded by a mysterious industrialist, they are obsessed to uncover the truth for the world to know.

These Seekers, by the end of the first book, discover the remnants of a lost and forbidden knowledge. In books two through ten they race to uncover and explore other ancient sites worldwide and decipher the enigmatic clues left for us by our ancestors; to put together the pieces of an ancient puzzle, fragments of which confirm the urgency of their continuing search.

Three things are learned by The Seekers in Book One:
For every living thing on this planet, the doomsday clock is ticking...
The knowledge they are searching for is critical if humanity is to avoid the same fate as befell our ancestors… and
There is a dangerous and sinister group that is determined to thwart The Seekers at all costs.
The truth is here… waiting to be discovered.


Each book is an archeological detective story combining aspects of both the action/adventure and mystery genres.

Propelled into a new storyline by the discovery of an ancient map, a fragment from a tablet, a diagram on the side of a historic vase or even information leaked from a secret source, the Seekers set off to discover and learn how these sites are connected. Every discovery moves them one step closer to solving a vaster and more terrifying mystery.

Each book is complete in itself – offering a resolution to the storyline of its title by book’s end. Additionally, each adventure reveals clues to this larger mystery, compelling the Seekers to embark not only on a contemporary adventure, but also on an historical investigation – A Centuries Old Whodunit - whose clues lay hidden deep within these sites and documents.

Only by combining the dangerous physical quest with unraveling the clues concealed within the lost artifacts and hidden archeological sites will the Seekers have any chance of succeeding!

Their adventures will demand every ounce of combined intellect, courage and commitment they possess. At risk are their own personal hopes and dreams, and indeed their very lives, as they begin to realize that the lost knowledge which they are painstakingly assembling, piece by piece...

Could ultimately save or doom humanity.

Adversity, mishap and hardship await them at every turn, challenging their mettle and convictions. From rebels in the jungles of Chichin Itza, the Red Guard in Syria, or a bizarre danger lying within the frigid waters of Antarctica, these adventurers overcome huge odds to reach their goals; indeed, they are resigned to scaling cliffs and steep mountains, exploring uncharted caves, and traversing rickety rope bridges high above bottomless gorges in order to achieve them.

However, their deadliest opposition remains the sinister group working covertly within the Vatican, known only as The Guardians. This secret society will stop at nothing to thwart The Seekers every move and to protect the mysteries they have sworn to guard for over five-hundred years -- especially when The Seekers seem to be getting closer to the truth.